নিউজ রুম এডিটর, নিউজ৭১অনলাইন

I must write this elegy

Nazarul Islam

Americans have, once again paid their usual price. Again, they have been woefully deceived. And, the Mueller Report just did that. So weird, to see how things like this just keep on happening. At this point, Americans have to be the most frequent, woefully hoodwinked people in the entire history of sorrowful, deception. If we didn't know better, perhaps we would think we were all a bunch of hopelessly credulous imbeciles that could be conned into believing almost anything. Or, that our brains had been bombarded with so much propaganda, from the time we were infants, which we could not really, even think anymore.

That is right. I am sure you are aware by now; it turns out President Donald Trump, a pompous former reality TV star who, as they say, can barely string three sentences together without totally losing his train of thought. So they say. And whining like an elephant seal, is not, in fact, a secret agent, conspiring with the Russian intelligence services, to destroy the fabric of Western democracy.

After two long years of bug-eyed hysteria, Inspector Mueller came up with 'fat'. .....Zero. Shunno. Nada. Or, all right, let's imagine that he indicted a bunch of Russians that will never see the inside of a courtroom, and a few of Trump's professional sleazebags for lying and assorted other sleaze bag activities, that was worth nearly $25.0 millions of taxpayers' money, spent on this circus.

Notwithstanding those historic accomplishments, the entire Mueller investigation now appears to have been another wild goose chase (like the 'search' for those non-existent Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) that the US invaded and destabilized the Middle East and murdered hundreds of thousands of people pretending to conduct in 2003.

Paranoid, collusion-obsessive will continue to obsess about redactions and cover-ups, but the long and short of the matter is, there will be no perp walks for any of the Trumps. No treason tribunals. No televised hangings. No detachment of Secret Service agents marching Hillary into the White House.
The antic, they say, is finally up. However, let's try to look on the bright side, shall we? Disgraceful as this Russiagate fiasco has been, at least it was all just an honest mistake, and not any kind of plot, or conspiracy, or anything as disturbing as that. It's not like the majority of the corporate media perpetrated a massive, coordinated, intelligence agency-initiated psyop on the Western public for two and half years. No, they just "got it wrong," again � like they did with those Iraqi WMDs.

The corporate media, after all, are comprised of dedicated, professional journalists, who maintain the highest ethical standards, and who would never knowingly bombard the masses with hysterical McCarthyite propaganda, based on absolutely nothing but the word of a bunch of deep state types; who were trying to force a president out of office and delegitimize a populist backlash against the spread of global neo-liberalism.

Plus, there is no 'deep state'. Not really. That's just one of those right-wing conspiracy theories that only Trump-loving fascists believe in. I mean, it's not as if elements of the FBI, the US Department of Justice, and the Democratic National Committee, DNC paid a former MI6 spooks working for a Washington PR firm contracted by a Washington law firm contracted by the Clinton campaign to fabricate a 'dossier', alleging that 'the Russian regime has been cultivating, supporting, and assisting Trump for at least five years' in order to sow discord, within the Transatlantic Alliance.

Thereafter, had fed that fabricated dossier to their contacts in the corporate media, who used it to generate mass hysteria, which the Congress then used to justify the appointment of a special prosecutor, whose investigation of the allegations contained in the fabricated dossier the corporate media and deep state types used to generate even more mass hysteria � and so on, until hundreds of millions of people actually believed that Donald Trump was some kind of Russian intelligence asset, and was going to be impeached and tried for treason.

Now, that would be scary, if that had happened!
Another thing that (thank, Jesus Christ!) didn't happen was when the corporate media hired a bunch of ex-intelligence agency officials to appear on their 'news' shows every other night disseminating Russiagate propaganda while at the same time effectively banning journalists with dissenting views from challenging their lies. Well, and OK, to the degree they did that (and they certainly did it to some degree), they didn't do it intentionally, or knowingly, or with malice aforethought or criminal intent.

They probably just misplaced the telephone numbers (and the email addresses and Twitter handles) of Matt Taibbi, Glenn Greenwald, Aaron Mate, and other infamous 'collusion rejectionists', so they had no choice but to bring in the spooks.

Look, I don't want to beat this issue to death. The important thing is that we can all be grateful that none of that stuff I just mentioned happened, and, basically, just shut up and get back to work. This is not the time to remind everybody how totally insane and hysterical things got, and how they ran around like headless chickens squawking about 'Russians' coming out of the woodwork, accusing anyone they disagreed with of being 'Kremlin agents' or 'Russian bots,' and begging corporations to censor the Internet.

No, it's time now to, let bygones be bygones, and just forget about all this 'Russiagate' business, and the FBI, and that made-up dossier, and how respected publications like The Washington Post, The New York Times, The Guardian, and others which published rather fabricated stories about secret meetings that never took place, power grid hackings that never happened, Russia-linked servers that never existed, imaginary Russian propaganda peddlers, and � well, too many other examples to list.

Talking about all that is just a big distraction! 
Worse, it only helps Donald Trump, who, may simply not be a Russian intelligence asset anymore, but is still almost literally An assuming autocrat..�or at least some sort of inhuman person, that bears no resemblance whatsoever to Obama or any other president. There are a few Americans who fear that he is going to declare martial law, proclaim himself a 'dictator and unleash his underground white 'supremacist army' or something more or less along those lines.

And as for the non-existent deep state, and the Democrats, and the corporate media, and the millions of Americans they accidentally bamboozled � well, I imagine they're feeling pretty silly right now. So this is not the time to demand a full accounting from the patriots in the intelligence community, or to compare the professionals in the corporate media to the keys of an enormous 'Goebbelsian' piano, mechanically hammering out whatever tune the ruling classes decide to play.

Yes, they made a few mistakes, and got a little carried away, but they're only human, after all. I'm sure they're all very, very sorry, and will never, ever, do it again.

The author is a former educator based in Chicago 

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